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Doug's Story

Doug does not want us to use his name. Fortunately his name is not Doug. He was 15 when he realized that he liked other guys but did not like girls "that way".

Doug has a best friend named Lisa. When he talked to Lisa about how he felt, she was a true friend and just hugged him and told him it was OK.


Lisa's Story

Although she sort of likes Doug "that way", Lisa also cares very deeply about her friend Doug. They have been best of friends since middle school, and Lisa and Doug tell each other everything. Even though she now realizes they will never be more than friends, Lisa cares about Doug, and she is there for him when he needs to talk. Lisa does not suffer from the compulsive need to condemn gay people that is taught by some misguided religious leaders.

Best Buds

Everyone at school thinks that Doug and Lisa are an item. If you see one of them you will probably see them both. This is not an attempt to deceive anyone, because they really are the best of friends.

Doug and Lisa are both lucky to have a good friend in each other. Doug thinks he'll wait a little bit longer before he tells the general public that he is gay. Lisa supports him, and they enjoy telling each other which guys they think are cute. Doug knows that he never asked to be the way that he is, and he knows that there is nothing wrong with being gay. He's right.

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